GT2030 Blog Posts

A Snapshot of the Global Trends 2030 Report Dan Twining & Ash Jain Moderated – What is the impact of the rise of the rest on the liberal international order: End of the Western world?

Bill Burke-White Moderated – What Will be the Shape of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) in 2030?

Thomas Mahnken Moderated – Will China’s economic growth stall out? What will be the impact on the global economy?

Zachary Riskind – Can China Avoid the “Middle Income Trap” without Political Reform? Peter Feaver Moderated with Ionut Popescu & Seth Cantey – What Will be the US Role in a Multipolar International System?

Jackie Newmyer Deal Moderated – How will the security environment of 2030 be affected by the proliferation of advanced technologies to a variety of smaller regional actors and even non-state actors?

Steve Weber Moderated – How Will Employment Change with the Expansion of New Technologies—like Robotics—in Manufacturing? Will We See a New Unemployable Underclass?

Robert O. Moderated – Future trajectories of migration and issues policy makers will face.

Drew Erdmann Moderated – Urbanization Dynamics and Challenges

William Inboden Moderated – American Decline

Richard Cincotta Moderated – Will Aging Cripple the West? Will It Cripple China’s Development?

Ralph Espach is Moderated – Brazil’s Future Role in the International System

Allan Dafoe Moderated – Will the Long Peace Persist?

Richard Engel (from the National Intelligence Council) Posted – Climate Change 2030: More Extreme Weather Howard Passell Moderated – Will Mega-Cities be a Cauldron for Revolution or Be an Engine for Technological Revolutions?

Cung Vu Moderated – Will Shale Gas Give a Second Burst to US Manufacturing?