Easy Whittling Projects

Lastly, while the edges aren’t terrible you may want to improve them a bit but I think this is common with any knife. The full-flat ground bevel and zero-ground edge work with wood effortlessly and the stout handle feels perfect in your hand. One of the most beautiful yet high performing everyday carvers to keep on your person for those spontaneous whittling sessions. Flexcut whittling knives are one of the first recommendations I make to people wanting to get started in wood carving. The wide availability of whittling knives in many different styles is why some consider it the best whittling knife for beginners who are serious about diving right in.

The paring cuts, like if you’re paring apples, is a pulling cut that cuts toward you and your own thumb. It can take a bit of practice to get these cuts right.Nigel, our crash-test dummy, would like to teach you how to prevent common injuries by using your power tools safely.

Their line of whittling knives ranges from roughing knives to fine detail knives and even many of the less common specialty options https://bestwoodcarvingtool.com/ like the pelican knife. Hilt guards can limit your ability to utilize the whittling knife in a full range of motion.

What Type/Style of Blade Should you Get?

When choosing a traditional pattern, you have the choice between two, three, and four different blades contained within the same handle and each blade can be of a different shape. There are two schools of pocket knives (for the most part). Some people would argue that you have a smaller subset of pocket knives that are considered more military style andtactical in use. We stand by that most of the knives we’d recommend for military or tactical use should be fixed blade knives and not something that’s a basic EDC pocket knife.

Flexcut Whittling Knives Review

Bushcraft knivesshould be shorter in nature and also have a fixed blade. There was a time when most people’s idea of an “everyday carry” knife consisted of one of the many different types of traditional pocket knife patterns. Their idea of a tactical folder was an Italian-style stiletto, not the modern looking EDC knives you see today. If you’ve ever seen an old-timer whittle, chances are you saw him using the pull stroke. Hold the wood in your left hand, the knife in your right with the blade facing towards you.

This makes the knife ideal for carving for extended periods of time thanks to its comfortable grip. This dedicated detail knife comes across as a carving reliable companion. This is a favorite knife among many spoon knife carving carvers and it is sure to make the same impression on you. The Cold Steel Tough Lite is a knife often overlooked for whittling but it is one of the best bushcraft whittlers and roughing whittling projects.

  • It also holds its edge consistently, but you may find yourself needing to sharpen it more frequently compared to other steels.
  • Wood is a diverse substance, and no two trees are exactly the same when it comes to carving them.
  • The blade style is a drop point which, if you’ve read our guide, you’ll know is the most versatile style there is.
  • While the softness of basswood makes it easy to carve against the grain, carving with the grain is always preferable for best results.
  • Just as portable as pocketknives and lighter than most, the Tri-Jack is perfect for whittling on the go.
  • The knife is offered with a variety of handle types including black G10 and blue bone handles.

whittling knife set

As with any hobby, whittling wood can come with an array of accouterments. This knife above is a special knife that is useful when whittling spoons. It is harder to sharpen then straight knives but makes short work of curved cuts. Its oiled birch wood handle boasts a thick center body which thins out gently on either side.

It is also quite adept at achieving detailed carvings depending on the blade size you choose. What makes this knife so great is how incredibly affordable it is and how much abuse it can take. Overall a knife with excellent quality for anyone looking for an everyday pocket whittler to carry around. This knife will allow you to slice, dig, and scoop wood all in one convenient package.

You may have been told to always cut away from yourself and yes, this is generally a good rule. However, when whittling wood, several cuts require you to cut toward yourself.

Woodcarving And Whittling

The rough cut is a hard pushing cut that takes off large chunks. The thumb-push uses the secondary hand’s thumb to guide the blade as you cut.

Brace your right thumb against the wood, and squeeze your right fingers in order to draw the blade to your right thumb. It’s nice to have https://bestwoodcarvingtool.com/7-best-wood-carving-kits/ a set of specialty whittling knives for when you’re whittling at home, while using your pocket knife for whittling sessions on the go.

whittling knife set