Spoon Carving Kit

The Narex Small Spoon-Knife is the first knife on our list which will be good for lefties since the blade is on the opposite side of the knife. That means you can push with your left hand or pull with your right, which may be what some users prefer. It’s also made from manganese alloy steel, which is extremely strong, though it doesn’t have the same corrosion resistance that stainless steel has. What ultimately drops this hook knife to last place on our list is the blade’s odd angle.

Flexcut KN15 Chip Carving Knife

Flexcut Right Handed Hook Knife – Spoon Carver

The best spoon carving knife is going to have a lower radius which is best for carving a smaller surface area (the knife on top). A detail knife is obviously going to be shorter and finer than a basic whittling knife, because it is used to fit into shallow or deep crevices to bring detail (duh) to your wooden piece. Well that is where basswood excels because you don’t actually have to carve with the grain at all and that’s something that will come in handy when carving a spoon. Honestly, receiving a tool with a dull blade is not enough for me to rule it off, it’s an easy fix (unless you don’t have a sharpening stone and strop) so it isn’t that big of a deal. Considering you’re still getting it with carbon steel, which is a must have material for any blade doing carving, that has a double edge, it is a solid choice.

The BeaverCraft Wood Carving Hook Knife is our favorite hook knife for spoon carving due to its carbon steel blade, ergonomic handle, and great edge. The Morakniv Knife 164 comes with a stainless steel blade with a great angle, a lightweight frame, and an ergonomic handle, though its high price keeps it out of first place.

The Flexcut FLEXKN52-BRK has a high-quality handle and a full tang, but its price and weight keep it out of the top three. The Narex Small Spoon-Knife is good for lefties and is made from manganese alloy steel, but its odd angle, clunky feel, and narrow blade mean that it can rise no higher than last place. Since I have started using the https://bestwoodcarvingtool.com/5-best-spoon-carving-tools/ items, I feel pretty good about what I am able to make. The knife is plenty sharp and the deep hook and soft curve carving knives work well for a new wood carver. I can use the tools with confidence and I can say I still have all my fingers.

Highly recommended for any carver age 10 (with adult supervision) and above. Japanese wood carving is rooted in personal wellness, relaxation, and an age-old meditative tradition of making with your hands.

Beginner Carving Set with 3 different tools and 2 spoon blanks made from Japanese cypress. Interested in learning to whittle, but don’t know where to start? Our wooden wood carving spoon knife spoon whittling kit is a great place to begin. Designed for cutting curves, a jig saw is a great way to remove excess wood outside your pattern with precision.

For me, it’s the best way to express and channel my creative energy as a designer. I will teach you how to hand carve your own wooden spoon using traditional Japanese tools and techniques. Once you have a basic understanding, I will guide you through the process of carving the bowl of the spoon with the spoon gouge, then designing and whittling the handle and top of the spoon.

The only negative thing had to do with the edges that had been nicked either by poor handling or poor packing for shipment. I bought this as a gift for my father who has recently started making wooden spoons with out the right tools.

  • I also gave him Heirloom Wood which recommends tools that look just like these and give spoon directions.
  • If you know how to sharpen it, however, this could easily be your best value buy.
  • Even though this is number 3 on our list of best spoon carving knives it definitely deserves the number 2 spot.
  • Thanks again Chris for the great value and attention to detail with your tools.
  • The only real downside to this blade is that a small fraction of the shipped units arrive dull, or less than razor sharp.
  • Although I’ve already used the try square to layout some tenons on a white oak table I’m building (within minutes of delivery), I’m almost afraid to store it with my other layout tools.

chip carving knife

I purchased the spoon carving set for my wife, who has become enamored with wood carving but didn’t have any of the right tools. She had been making spoon-like things using pruning shears. She was VERY excited by these knives, and they are performing beautifully even for a rookie carver. They feel great in her hands and the control she has is wonderful. Using traditional Japanese tools, this wooden spoon carving kit will teach you how to design, and carve out your very own set of spoons.

Manufacturer guarantees/warranties for power tools, CNC and laser products will supersede the Rockler Guarantee if these items are damaged or defective. For these items, please call the store where you purchased them or our customer service department at so we can assist you. You can create spoons of utility https://bestwoodcarvingtool.com/ & beauty, ranging in design from the simple to the sublime. As an add-on to these carving tools, we suggest these innovative Finger Guards as a great way to protect your fingers from accidental cuts. Comfortable and secure, they offer the kind of manual dexterity you can’t get while using work gloves.

Morakniv Knife 164 – The Runner-Up

What ultimately keeps this great blade out of first place is the fact that it costs nearly double what you’d pay for the top model on our list. While that might not be a problem if it always arrived sharp, this model also has some minor problems in that area.

So with all that being said, I feel the best spoon carving knife is going to be the Beavercraft hook knife. I can’t justify buying stainless steel, especially when the rest of my Mora knives have high carbon steel.

Even though this is number 3 on our list of best spoon carving knives it definitely deserves the number 2 spot. Unlike the 164, the Mora 162 offers a high carbon steel blade with a double edge. Luckily, for a decent hook knife, it is quite affordable to purchase and even easier to maintain, but I would not advise buying just any hook knife. You have to know which one is the best spoon carving knife before you can make a decision like that. The tools were every thing I expected, since I have a few of the laminated knives from a former purchase.

Improved Spoon Carving Tools

As your skills develop or you want to try more ambitious shapes and projects, a few additional tools can help speed up the process. But, building furniture is also time consuming, takes up lots of space, and if you’re using all hardwood construction, can be expensive to source the right materials. So, while it’s lovely to learn joinery and finishing techniques, sometimes, you need a woodworking project that can be completed in a single day. It does take time to get the hang of new tools and a new craft so please give yourself the time to learn. It also weighs just 2.1 ounces, which makes it one of the lightest knives you’ll find on the market today.

You’ll find a world of possibilities for carving your own kitchen spoons and spatulas that can range from unadorned elegance to implements of dazzling detail. Carved spoons can be made from green wood and are perfect projects to utilize branch sized material from the yard & woods. Carving wooden spoons is an easy-to-do hobby, and one of the best ways to introduce beginners to woodcarving. Carving wooden spoons is a classic easy-to-do hobby, and one of the best ways to introduce beginners to woodcarving.