The commentary is a comment on an article, book, a novel or a short story. The purpose of a commentary essay is to help the audience realize whether a particular article or book is up to the standards and informative or not. While writing such an essay, we at service have to evaluate both qualitative and quantitative features of the post or book that is being reviewed. It may not be possible for anyone to write a commentary essay as per international standards until or unless he has not taken care of certain points. Some of the major things you need to remember in this regard are mentioned below.

  1. Know the goal of your essay

Do you want to comment something positively or negatively? It is too important to know the aim of your essay. Some people love criticizing particular posts or books, while the others admire it and highlight its positive aspects only. You must be clear about whether you want to write the essay from a positive point of view or negative and should provide the readers with in-depth knowledge.

  1. Avoid writing abstract or useless stuff

Some people write abstract and other meaningless things in their commentary essays, and quality is automatically compromised. You should always write to the point and do not mention out of context things in your commentary essay. If possible, use several direct quotes and present different ideas and concepts to engage your readers. At the same time, you should talk about the implications of newly implemented innovations and speculate on outcomes of that article or book. You should critically evaluate all main points mentioned in that book or article and share personal opinions in the conclusion section.

  1. Do not summarize the article or book’s content

Sometimes people summarize the articles or books they are reviewing, and this is not what you have to focus on in your essay. There are a lot of differences between summaries and commentary essays. Assume the readers have read that book or article and want you to highlight and critically evaluate its main points. You just have to identify the key issues, use direct quotes, and raise several questions to engage your readers. If a summary is written, then your readers may soon lose their interest in your commentary essay.

  1. Use a short, informative title

The title of your commentary essay should emphasize the key message. You should always keep it short, informative and attractive. If you are unsure of how to write such titles, then you can take ideas from the internet, or a friend who might have written such essays in the past. Most people do not focus on the titles of their commentary essays and end up getting no prominent results.

  1. Include proper references

Writers from remind that it is important to include proper references in the commentary essay. If you had taken ideas from someone’s work or the internet, you must credit them back to avoid being caught for plagiarism. If your essay’s length is 500 words, then you should include a minimum of four authentic references at the end of the paper, and they should be related to your topic.

In the end, you should format the essay properly and use a standard font. There is no need to use fancy fonts that are difficult to read and distract the attention of readers from the essay. Formatting your essay in APA or MLA style is good.